Elizabeth Klanga Jewellery

Elizabeth Klanga Jewellery captures the movement and spirit of delicate fabric folds depicted within Italian Renaissance painting. This stunning collection featured at The Royal Academy Of Arts Shop, The British Museum, Professional Jeweller Magazine, British Vogue and at the Salon Jewellery Show. Each piece is designed and produced in the United Kingdom.

As an artist, designer and director Elizabeth draws her inspiration from Renaissance painting in particular Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Mystic Nativity’ (1500). As part of her Fine Arts practice, Elizabeth created a series of live performances, bringing the painting to life with aerialist performers, costumes and props. Her latest Jewellery range ‘The Folds Collection’ continues to capture the spirit of billowing folds in gold, silver and porcelain.

The Wind Performances, created and directed by Elizabeth Klanga in collaboration with The Circus Space London. Filmed as part of ‘The Private Life Of A Masterpiece – The Mystic Nativity.’ Televised Christmas Day, BBC 2, 2009 Fulmar Productions.